t0pic: command line image host.

    <image output> | curl -F 'pic=@/dev/stdin' https://pic.t0.vc
    or upload from the web:

or paste the image into this page. DESCRIPTION I got sick of imgur not working on mobile, so I built this Images are resized to a max dimension of 1920 px Don't use this for anything serious EXAMPLES ~$ cat kitten.jpg | curl -F 'pic=@/dev/stdin' https://pic.t0.vc https://pic.t0.vc/YXKV.jpg ~$ firefox https://pic.t0.vc/YXKV.jpg Add this to your .bashrc: alias pic="curl -F 'pic=@/dev/stdin' https://pic.t0.vc" Now you can pipe directly into pic! SOURCE CODE https://txt.t0.vc/CQQE nginx config: https://txt.t0.vc/ZKEH https://github.com/tannercollin/t0pic SEE ALSO https://txt.t0.vc https://url.t0.vc